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Teaching IT Management in Healthcare

I’m now in my third trimester teaching IT-Management to MSIT and MBA students at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. The course I teach is ITM340, a foundational class that provides on overview of all the process, technology, and people management challenges in IT management. For the second trimester in a row I use a case study analysis from Harvard Business School Press, the Care group case. No, it is not this one, in which John Halamka is heralded for eliminating the need for paper records by establishing a wireless network. It is the case study about the 3 day crash of the entire network at Care group.

In my opinion, this Harvard Case Study is a great learning experience for all IT Managers, but of course especially in Healthcare. Can you imagine allowing the entire Network of a Hospital to go down for three days?  People less famous than Halamka might lose their jobs over things like these. It is also a great example why IT managers is Healthcare should learn about process and management methodology, preferably of course in my class 😉

GGU will start a new program in Healthcare IT management. I’m part of the initial faculty, and after 15 years in Healthcare IT highly motivated to get as many IT managers in Healthcare through this program as possible – because we can not allow network meltdowns like the Care group case if we enable eHealth in the 21st century.